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Our Behind The Lens Series where you can read interviews we did with great photographers around the world.


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Date: 2014-02-06


For me, every morning starts with a coffee. Apart from that one daily indulgence, nothing is routine - which is exactly how I like it! I love that I can call Australia home but am definitely bitten by the travel bug so there's always a trip around the corner :)
Copyright: Reichlyn

Date: 2014-03-29


My name is Laura Pritchett. I'm 27 and live in the Mid-Atlantic, USA. I am a full-time oil painter and a part-time creative photographer.
Copyright: Laura Pritchett

Date: 2014-07-23


We are getting close to shipping out the disposable cameras to you all. 2-3 weeks of preperation and signing up and we are off!
Copyright: Laura Pritchett

Date: 2014-07-26


In this tutorial you will learn how to master the vintage style usually seen from VSCO. Master your fades!

Copyright: Laura Pritchett
Copyright: Laura Pritchett

Date: 2014-08-22


In this tutorial you will learn how to create the well known Cross Process effect in Photoshop.

Cross Process in Photoshop