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Adobe latest name of the package where all their programs are connected has up until now been called CS, shortened for Creative Suite. Photoshop CS6 is now changed and updated to Photoshop CC. The biggest change is not in the name tho. The biggest change is in how you get your hands on the new CC products...


The Mechanics

Adobe has been struggling with people downloading their Creative Suit programs "for free" from pirated pages on the web. They are loosing tremendous amount of money on this, and they seem to have come up with the solution. Or atleast thats what they think. They will no longer sell their products on DVD`s or CD`s. If you want Photoshop CC or the new Lightroom 5, you need to connect yourself to the so called Cloud. The Creative Cloud managed by Adobe.

You start of by creating an account over When this is done, you have the option to "try before buy" all their products. You just download and can happily try the programs for 1 or 2 months depending on the program. When the trial is due, you need to upgrade to a premium license. There are both good and bad sides about this. Let us explain.

Cheap but convenient?

With the good "old" CS packs, you simply downloaded or bought your copy of the

program you wanted. The price was often too high for most private customers, hence

the amount of pirated versions of Photoshop or any other Adobe programs available.

People just cant afford $200 on one program from Adobe. The positive thing about this

tho, was that you bought your program, licensed it and that was it. You could use it as

you wanted with or without connection to internet. And that is the biggest issue with the CC upgrade.

You now need to be connected to the cloud. The price is much smaller tho. In fact it is so cheap you will think they are fooling you. There are different paying methods, but as a student registered at an University you can actually get most of the software in the Creative Cloud package for as little as $20 a month. Thats an amazing advantage for both students and private customers wanting to be legit and getting the hands on these products. The backside of this is that Adobe will ask you to license your software each and every 30 days. After 30 days, the "You need to renew your license" dialog appears. This is no problem if its your computer at home and you have internet access 24/7. It is basically just 2 clicks and you are ready for another 30 days. The problem is for the users that dont have this kind of internet access. It might be photographers out in the field using photoshop or any other software for more then 30 days. Adobe did think about this aswell tho. It is not that the software stops working day 31. No, you still have another 180 days you can use the product, but you will see the "You need to renew your license" everytime you start your program until you have licensed it.

For most people using their software this is no problem tho, as most people and users in fact have internet access 24/7. Or atleast once a month. And for the starting price at $20 we dont see any but good things regarding this. Imagine getting Photoshop CC with all the updates, Lightroom 5, illustrator and inDesign for $20 a month? In one year you still have payed less than you would pay for one of the products today. Truly amazing if you ask any of us.

We signed up

We are ready for the new Cloud upgrade. The development and future lays in the cloud services and we want in on that. Standard package gives you 20GB of free space in the Adobe Creative Cloud. This is extremely useful if you are working on the same projects on different computers. You just save to the cloud when you are done, and the exact same up to date and synched project opens up on any other computer you have connected to the cloud. We have read many reviews and comments about this upgrade from Adobe, and we embrace it until the opposite comes forward. Its cheap, conventient and cheap. Did we mention its cheap? Go to and read more about the CC upgrade.


Date: 2013-05-10

So many of you might have heard about the new big change going about over at Adobe. You know the company behind Photoshop, inDesign, Dreamweaver, flash and much more.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud