Deana is not only a great moderator but also a superb photographer. It`s not often you will see somebody that fills a frame as well as her. Butterflies, tigers and flowers just to mention some of her super skills.
​"I'm very passionate about animals and nature.  My hope is that my photos inspire people to appreciate and respect the things around them. My two favorite type of animals to shoot are big cats and butterflies.  Big cats are powerful and playful at the same time.  I have seen great love between families of cats and even different breeds!  They are very charismatic and unpredictable, therefore a joy to shoot.  On the other end of the spectrum are butterflies.  They are delicate and graceful.   They flutter in and out of the world so quickly but make a lasting impression on me.   I enjoy trying to capture the detail of their beauty. - Deana Valorose

Deana Valorose

Deana Valorose Gram Of The Day Moderator


Gram Of The Day





1. Amateur or Pro?​​​


- Amateur.
2. Describe your feed in 3 words.


- ​​Animals, Color, Nature


3. What’s in your toolbox for taking and editing photos?


My Canon, lenses, filters, my grandfather's old light meter and patience- I try to pack it along too especially when shooting animals.   As far as editing apps Camera+, Snapseed, Colorsplash, and Aviary.
4. What is Instagram for you?


-  An outlet for creativity, inspiration and new friends.
5. Who and/or what inspires you?


I'm inspired by people who aren't afraid to live their dream.
Copyright: Deana Valorose
6. What is your best advice to a fellow photographer?​


-  Always take three more pictures than you think you need.  




7. Who is your favourite photographer on Instagram? 


I don't really have one--but all the National Geographic photographers are really fabulous.




8. ​Best photography secret?

-  Here is a funny one- always have Windex wipes in your bag.  They come in handy for many things, but they are especially great when shooting through glass at a zoo or museum.
9. Things you want to be better at as a photographer?


-   Landscapes and long exposure.
Copyright: Deana Valorose
10. How much time do you spend on photography?


-  A lot!
Copyright: Deana Valorose
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