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Frequently asked questions regarding our community. Still did not get any proper answers? Send Us an E-Mail!


How do i get featured?

There are two ways you can get featured by Gram Of The Day on Instagram. Either by beeing nominated by one of our moderators or directly by the GOTD crew.

If you get nominated by one of our moderators, you have a chance of getting featured on the main page, @gramoftheday.


For how long is a theme active?

A theme is a contest with a theme. When a new theme is announced, the theme is active for 18-24 hours. As long as the theme post is up, the theme is active. As soon as the contest is over, the contest post is deleted from the feed.

Whats the deal with Hall of Gram?

Hall of Gram is a second account controlled by the GOTD crew. Every month we sit down and choose the best featured photo out of all featured for that month. The winner gets featured on Hall of Gram account and wins a $10 Amazon Giftcard.

I want my feature deleted. What to do ?

Feel free to tell us on @gramoftheday or talk to any of our moderators. You can also send us an Email: or contact us through our web page. See the contact section.

How many photos can i submit?

You can submit as many as you like.

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