Guillaume Lamazou

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1. Amateur or Pro?​​​


- Amateur.
2. Describe your feed in 3 words.


- ​​Making imagination reality.


3. What’s in your toolbox for taking and editing photos?


I use most of the time a Canon 550D, I also use the iPhone 4S. For editing I use Photoshop, Snapseed and VSCOcam.
4. What is Instagram for you?


- Instagram is an awesome community of passionate photographers, I met incredible people there! It's a very inspiring place where you can easily expose your work. And it's a great place to connect with people around the globe.
5. Who and/or what inspires you?


Songs and expressions are my main inspirations. But I guess everything and everyone can be inspiring! 
Copyright: Guillaume Lamazou
Copyright: Guillaume Lamazou
6. What is your best advice to a fellow photographer?​


Shoot anything that you want.



7. Who is your favourite photographer on Instagram? 


There are so many incredible talents out there, it's impossible to choose one.



8. ​Best photography secret?


​- Everything can be fixed with Photoshop !
9. Things you want to be better at as a photographer?


-  Everything, there are so much things I don't know.
Copyright: Guillaume Lamazou
10. How much time do you spend on photography?


10 minutes for taking a picture and several hours to edit it!




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Meet Guillaume. He lives in the south-west of France in a town called Pau. He is 35 years old with a big passion for photography and digital art. A pure genious!