Instagram Hudson Filter

Date: 2013-05-27


Learn how to easily emulate the well known Hudson filter  in Photoshop. With just a few easy steps, you can get the Instagram effect to your photos right on your computer.

Lets Get Started - Texted Tutorial

Here is the original and edited photo side by side. You can see how the edited photo very much emulates the hudson filter from Instagram with its blueish mid-tones and highlights and some red in the dark tones. There is also a vignette, and this is achieve in a quite different way than we are used to.

The first step is to add an adjustment layer to our photo. Go to Layer - Adjustment Layer - Curves

like shown on the photo below. In the "New Layer" dialog just click OK.

Step 1 - Curves Adjustment Layer

Video Tutorial


Download the resources for this tutorial. We included an action for photoshop and the curves preset.

Next, adjust your curves as shown below. If you dont want to adjust it manualy, you can download the curves preset included in the resource for this tutorial. You can load a preset by clicking the down pointing arrow in the upper right corner of the curves properties panel. Select "Load Curves Preset" and load the GOTDHUDSONFILTER preset.

Step 2 - Adjust Curves

Our next step is to add a new gradient fill layer to the image. This is the layer working the magic! Even if the photo already looks amazing, for the hudson filter effect we need to create a vignette and boost the blue tones in the center of the image.

To apply a gradient fill layer go to Layer - New Fill Layer - Gradient. In the "New Layer" dialog just click OK.

Step 3 - Gradient Fill Layer

In the Gradient Fill dialog box, click inside the gradient to edit it.

Choose the foreground to background preset in the upper left corner. Then select the left color stop and type in the color code: 8099be. Then, select the right color stop and type in the color code: 2f1b1b. Click OK when you are done. to get back to the gradient fill editor.

Step 4 - Edit The Gradient

Edit the settings in the Gradient Fill dialog box like this:

  • Style: Radial
  • Angle: 90 deg.
  • Scale: 150%
  • Reverse: No
  • Dither: No
  • Align with layer: Yes

The last step is to change the Gradient Fill blending mode and the layer opacity. Change the blend mode to overlay, and lower the opacity to about 80%. This might need to be lowered or raised depending on your image.

Step 5 - Change Layer Settings

We are done creating this great effect in photoshop. If you want to you can download the resources for this tutorial. It is available at the very top of this page.

We Are Done!