Instagram 3.5 Update

Date: 2013-05-03

Yesterday Instagram decided to bring out the latest update to their app. It is no surprise the facebook owned company now intergrates the ability to add, or as it is called on the web, tag people to your postings.



Photos of You

As Instagram themself calls it, "Photos of You". There is more to this than just the "Photos of You" aspect tho, as anybody can tag anybody on Instagram. At first glance this just looks like another cool function from the Instagram team, and in a dream world scenario it is, but we live in a world where spammers and other bad creatures live.


The Mechanics


The function is pretty easy to use. You can either choose to tag people when you upload your photo, just like you would add it to your locations, or your "Photo Map". You can also tag people on already uploaded posts. This is also done very easy, by clicking the button at the bottom right corner under the comments on the post. Yes, you can tag anybody. You dont have to be following them or them following you. Simply type in the name of the person you want to tag and click done. The person in question will get a notification just like you would when people like, comment or follow you. If you have not set it yourself, the function is set to Automatic as default meaning if people tag you in photo, your accounts is bound to that particular photo. If you set it to Manual you can decide what photos you want to be tagged to, and thats what we recommend. Why is this you might wonder? Let us explain...

Auto or Manual

We recommend all our members to put the new tag function to manual. Why? Well, first of there are spammers on Instagram. And there are many of them. Imagine if spammers where to tag you to all their postings about "God-help-us-what". Most of the time it is about getting more followers by register your account to a site tho, and we have pointed this out before, never do that. It only creates more spam and in the end you just gave your account details to some crooks.

If not for the sake of spammers, we recommend you setting it to manual because there are bad people in this world, and they tend to be drawn to the Instaweb. Harrasement and other sick stuff are an everyday issue on Instagram. Imagine if these harrasers gets the power to tag your account and username to all kinds of photos? Not that good no. Set this function to manual the first thing you do.

Will we tag?

We have discussed it, and we have come to the conclution this is a pretty nice function for all communities. It gives us another tool for connecting the correct owner of the photos we feature to the posts. Its like an extra copyright information. People can quickly see who ownes the photo by single tapping it and check the tag. If a user dont want the tag there, the user can just remove it with ease. We would love to hear what the community thinks about this tho.


Other updates

This update was not solely about the new function. There was some visual updates aswell, and the most obvious one is the notification box. It is no longer a rounded square. Its a square with sharp corners and its smaller. There has been many complaints about the lag and other bug with Instagram the latest week/weeks, and we now understand why. There has also been a small update to the Profile Options tab, where it now is much easier to find information about where to report bugs, report hackers, abusive users etc. The app also feels much more responsive and "snappier" now.

Instructional video

Below is a video we made to demonstrate the new function implemented to Instagram. You can see how the tagging works and where to set your tag status to MANUAL. Under our video is the video from the Instagram HQ giving you an introduction to how they see this new function out in the field.

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