Non of the present moderators has been on Instagram as long as Julia has. With a unique style and tons of experience, we are proud to have her on our team!

Julia Antonio

Julia Antonia  Gram Of The Day Moderator


Gram Of The Day





1. Amateur or Pro?​​​


- Semi pro.
2. Describe your feed in 3 words.


- ​​Unpredictable, variety, colorful.


3. What’s in your toolbox for taking and editing photos?


I'm an iPhoneographer, all pics on my instagram account have been taken and edited with an iphone (different models: 3GS, 4, 4S...). I'm currently using an iphone 5S (I sometimes edit on the iPad). I also have a Nikon D90 and some lenses that I don't use now.
But I've planned to come back to DSLR photography (but not on instragram).

Camera app: Procamera.

Editing apps: Snapseed, VSCOcam, Mextures, PhotoForge2, PicFx, Noir, Squaready.

Editing video apps: Flipagram, PicPlayPost.

4. What is Instagram for you?


-  An amazing platform for being inspired and learning from the best mobile photographers of the world. It's also a fantastic way to know the world, we can travel on our phones daily! And of course, a site for making friends and connecting people all over the world.
5. Who and/or what inspires you?


- Beauty, the people, my feelings. The beauty of the town and land where I live. I also love observing people. And my feelings are in the base of every of my pics.
Copyright: Julia Antonia
6. What is your best advice to a fellow photographer?​


-  Shoot with no fear, and never stop experimenting with the camera/phone, with the apps and technique. And don't loose curiosity!




7. Who is your favourite photographer on Instagram? 


I have a group of favorite photographers, I can't choose only one. They could be @instafraner, @gijanice, @islandika, @lizpe, @fifigram.




8. ​Best photography secret?

-  Always thinking the best pic is yet to come.
9. Things you want to be better at as a photographer?


-    I want to retake DSLR photography, and improve my handling of mobile editing apps.
Copyright: Julia Antonia
10. How much time do you spend on photography?


-   Too much! or is it never too much? ;-)
Copyright: Julia Antonia
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