Meet Matt Scutt. A London based Creative Director and an amateur photographer who can often be found bothering commuters in London and Paris. If you ever come across a man with a shaved head lying on the pavement with a camera, just camly walk around him. Preferably without getting into shot.

Matt Scutt

Matt Scutt


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1. Amateur or Pro?
Amateur photographer, but professional director. All the photography on my stream was taken by me as I love it, but I employ and direct professional photographers in my role as creative director. That can be in product, fashion or architecture.

2. Describe your feed in 3 words.

- Staring into distance

What’s in your toolbox for taking and editing photos?

Equipment: An iPhone 5, a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS16 (all £35 worth!! don’t laugh,

I’ve been featured by both @instagood and @photooftheday with photos taken by that

beaten up old thing) and my trusty, but old and a little muddy, Canon 30D. I have three

lenses (18-55mm; 70-300mm tele-macro; and a 10-24mm wide angle). Not the most

advanced kit, but I know what all the buttons do! Editing: I solely use Photoshop.

I’ve been using it for 20 years and am ‘pretty good’.

What is Instagram for you?
- Predominantly it is a way of sharing how I see things. But, also it is the social aspect. I have met a great many like-minded photographers (amateur, semi-pro and professional) and have been inspired by many.

Who and/or what inspires you?

- I am inspired by great architects. I worked with Tom Wright, the lead architect for Dubai’s Burj al Arab (the sail shaped hotel) for 8 years and saw and contributed to a lot of fascinating and creative projects. I am more diverse now, but architecture is still my first passion.

Copyright Matt Scutt
Copyright Matt Scutt

6. What is your best advice to a fellow photographer?

- Don’t get hung up on equipment. A camera is only as good as the mind behind it.


7. Who is your favourite photographer on Instagram?

- @saaggo. I’ve known Saul pretty much since joining Instagram. We’ve never met (you’d never believe it looking at our galleries), but I have a close affinity to his style and creativity.

Best photography secret?

- More often than not, the photos you look at are taken while standing and at head height. You see what the photographer sees in the same way as everyone else does. Change your perspective. If it’s a fun shot, try taking it from the height a child would see it. Tilt it. See the world differently: Lay on the ground. Look straight up. Perilously hang out of windows directly over the Thames or out the back of a Land Rover at 80mph in the rain (be VERY careful with those last two). More often than not, changing the viewpoint can make the image.

9. Things you want to be better at as a photographer?


- Taking candid photos of people. Models are much easier to work with - they follow instructions - but they’re not really human ;-)
So, I spend a fair amount of time waiting for the public to get out of shot, whereas, if I weren’t so misanthropic, I could include them in the composition! I could be more tolerant.

Copyright Matt Scutt

10. How much time do you spend on photography?


- On Instagram - about 4-5 hours a week. As a director - about 15-20 hours a week.


We want to thank Matt for taking the time to talk to us and sharing his knowledge and thoughts about photography. Make sure you visit
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