Meet Mira, an Indonesian independent film producer. Film is her passion, love and life. Photography is, as she call it, a new "love affair". This talented artist also write song lyrics and co-write screenplays. Mira is a married traveller whom loves the sun and the mist as much as her two sons.

Mira Lesmana

Mira Lesmana


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1. Amateur or Pro?

2. Describe your feed in 3 words.

- Indonesia – Diverse - Dreamy.

What’s in your toolbox for taking and editing photos?

It used to be iphone 4 only, but very recently I changed to iphone 5. A few months ago I also bought myself a Canon EOS M. Still studying the manual though! For editing, my favourite is snapseed, pixlromatic and Photo fx Ultra. I love putting wings also on my silhouette shots, when I do this I use Artistic Wing Booth and Filterstorm.

What is Instagram for you?
- I travel a lot. I feel the need to share the things I see and feel on these trips. Instagram is not only the perfect medium for me to do this, it is also what started me with photography. Instagram has changed the way I feel about photography. I also enjoy immensely seeing other people’s work here. So many talents, so inspiring for me. On top of all that, Instagram is such a friendly world! I make so many new friends here. I love it!

Who and/or what inspires you?

- Wim Wenders inspires me a lot. He’s a great German fillmmaker and photographer. I collect his photography books (and his films). Most of his photographs are taken during his personal trips and while on location scout for his films. His photographs are so haunting and beautiful (so are his films).

Copyright Mira Lesmana
Copyright Mira Lesmana

6. What is your best advice to a fellow photographer?

- Snap the moment, it doesn’t come twice. You can always delete it if you’re not happy with it…and follow your mood when editing.


7. Who is your favourite photographer on Instagram?

- There are just so many! But if I have to name one, it’s @sumesi  ( I still don’t know know if She’s a He or He’s a She :p). I have followed Sumesi since day one I was on Instagram. Sumesi’s soft tones and compositions are beautiful and dreamy, they put a smile on my face :). A few months ago Sumesi followed me back and I nearly fainted :p

Best photography secret?

- I love silhouettes. So I like to shoot against the sun. When I shoot silhouettes of people, I let them do whatever they want and I just keep snapping in different angles. I get the best results when they’re off guard, not knowing I’m still shooting.

9. Things you want to be better at as a photographer?


- I want to learn to shoot long exposures, master filterstorm app and lightroom4.

Copyright Mira Lesmana

10. How much time do you spend on photography?


- Taking pictures, during a trip or when I’m on a film shoot, all the time. Editing photos when I’m busy, about one or two hours a day. When I’m not busy, I can be on my ipad for hours (or until my husband gives me the "stop it" look :)


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