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1. Amateur or Pro?​​​


- Amateur.
2. Describe your feed in 3 words.


- ​​Colourful, Nature, Travel


3. What’s in your toolbox for taking and editing photos?


Nikon D600 has been my weapon of choice the last 12 months but I've been shooting on my iPhone a bit more lately.
4. What is Instagram for you?


Instagram is like your local coffee shop - but global lol. You go there to get your daily caffeine (or photo) hit, to catch up with friends and meet new ones =) It really is a great community.
5. Who and/or what inspires you?


Music gets to me more than anything. I feel my pictures with music first but quotes and poetry are a close second.
Copyright: Reichlyn
Copyright: Reichlyn
6. What is your best advice to a fellow photographer?​


Learn the rules so you know how to break them. Photography is creativity, art and vision but if you learn the basics, you'll have a strong foundation for creative execution.



7. Who is your favourite photographer on Instagram? 


Oh gosh, I couldn't possibly pick just one!



8. ​Best photography secret?


​- Be yourself. Take inspiration and learn from other photographers, but shoot what you like, the way you like it. That's what makes you unique.
9. Things you want to be better at as a photographer?


-  Everything! I am only at the beginning of my journey and I have sooooo much more to learn.
Copyright: Reichlyn
10. How much time do you spend on photography?


Not nearly enough, I shoot maybe once a fortnight if I'm lucky. But that's going to change!




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For me, every morning starts with a coffee. Apart from that one daily indulgence, nothing is routine - which is exactly how I like it! I love that I can call Australia home but am definitely bitten by the travel bug so there's always a trip around the corner :)