Copyright: Svein G Forland
Copyright: Svein G Forland
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Svein  is the Co-Founder of Gram Of The Day. He has many years of experience both in photography and developing web pages. Svein is a very creative mind with many projects under his belt where one of them is beeing a musician. He is part of the band called "Two Places".

"When Kenneth asked me if i wanted to join in and start Gram Of The Day i did not doubt for one second. I knew I wanted part of this and we started to brainstorm ideas for the community. Our goal is to be a professional community both on Instagram and on the web, and this is where my experience from projects like this comes in hand. I have been involved in many different similar projects, and i really think Gram Of The Day can become one of those fundamental communities connected to Instagram. Just the name it self is so strong..."

- Svein G Forland

Svein G Forland

Svein G Forland Gram Of The Day Co-Founder


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