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Date: 2013-05-01

There are tons of web services out there where you as a photographer can go to create and showcase your portfolio. These guys took it one step further in helping photographers reach out and manage their business. Zenfolio claims to be the best all-in-one solution for photographers to display, share, and sell their work online.



All in one place


While most portfolio services only offers the portfolio part, Zenfolio offers the whole package. A website, blog, galleries, shopping cart and marketing. Everything you as a photographer needs in one place. And the genious part of it is you can create your space just like you want it to be and edit the layouts just like you imagined it to be. If you are not that into editing and creating your page, you can always use the pre defined templates both for layout and design.

Zenfolio offers easy organization and customization to the photos you decide to share. Easily create galleries and with a click of your mouse you can decide who can see your photos. Perfect if you want to show your clients finished photos from a shoot, and you only want to give that particular client access. There is even a unauthorized photo usage protection buildt in, which helps against photo theft. One example is the "right-click and save image" option has been disabled.

Selling photos

Zenfolio also offers a place for you to sell your photos. There are tons of different products you can offer your customers, and its so easy for your customers to order products from you it is almost ridiculous. You have the ability to choose your own labs but you can also make it work with your prefered lab. The prizes are set by you and you have full controll from the order is placed until it is delivered to the customer.
Your customer have the options to choose print size, what

frame to use, colors and material of the frame etc. It is really

your personal store where you have all options ready

to be used without you having to think about anything.

Except from all the different products, Zenfolio also offer

your products to be sold in many different currencies. To

be more exact we are talking 13 different currencies. This

makes it even easier for you as a photographer to sell your

photos all over the world. We are blowned away by this

service already at this stage, and this is just the tip of the

mountain. Selling and marketing your products have never

been easier.





If you have something you would like to share with your fans except from all your photos, you have an option to run a blog. From this you can write about anything you like and you can even add videos to your portfolio. Zenfolio offers SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so your site gets good rankings on Google, and since you can add your own domain name to your site, you will get a great SEO ranking. Sharing information to social media is almost as important as the actual photos today, and this is also made easy in this service. Your site is even supported on mobile devices and everything is done behind the curtains without you having to know anything about HTML, CSS or any web develop language. It all comes with a prize tho.



A service like this comes with a price, and thats why it can be so good. No free service will ever reach up to this level of professionalism. For, what we think is a small amount of money, you get all those things you dream of having as a photographer trying to reach out to your customer. All photos in one place, client galleries password protected, an online store, lab partners and so much more. There are 4 different plans you can choose, and the more they cost, the more they offer. The pricing starts at 25 Euro a Year where the most expensive with most value cost 150 Euro a year. Now, not all of us have 150 Euro a year to put into a service like this, but for 25 Euro you get alot, and we mean alot:

Basic Zenfolio Plan

  • Fully-featured portfolio website & Blog
  • 2 GB of storage + 1 GB/year
  • 36 MB maximum file size
  •  Uploading plug-ins
  • Mobile-ready layouts and mobile apps
  • Professional themes and your own designs
  • Photo galleries with large images
  • Slideshows with music
  • 50 FREE songs from Triple Scoop Music
  • Integration with Social Media
  • Access control with passwords
  • Ordering prints and photo products


There is not much to think about really. Zenfolio is the best service we have ever stumbled upon regarding services aimed at photographers. You have so many options you will get stunned when you register an account. Now, some of you might think we get paid to write this and recommend them but really, we dont. All we can say is the photographer side of GOTD has all created an account. If you dont want to pay 25 Euros straight, they even offer you a 14 day trial with all the functionality of a paid account. If you decide to pay and still are not happy after 30 days, Zenfolio offers a refund. Altho, we are almost certain you will not regret creating your own space on the instaweb. Go check them out now by clicking here.

Below is a quick video from the people behind Zenfolio. Check it out to learn more.

Zenfolio Shopping Cart

Checkout this video to learn the basics